About us

Firstly, we put at your disposal a team of professionals with many years of experience, who are constantly up to date with all the latest developments in VAT recovery opportunities worldwide.

Secondly, Quipsound has the financial and organisational strength to provide the highest level of client service and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our service. We have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in ‘state of the art’ technology to effectively manage the VAT recovery process and target VAT opportunities using available data, thereby providing true ‘end-to-end’ solutions.

And finally, our reputation in the industry, especially with the Tax Offices, is second to none. This helps to shorten the time tax offices take to process our client’s claims, which are produced accurately and to the highest standards.

These three, our professional expertise, intellectual know-how and organisational strength, and high-standing reputation, provide our clients with the most important result – an effective VAT recovery solution with proven recoveries often many times greater than other providers, at an all-inclusive, competitive, contingency fee.

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