Our relationships with Tax Offices are a key driver in speeding refunds. How your refunds are handled is also of critical importance.

Quipsound has been a British registered company, with publicly available financial statements, audited by independent external auditors, for over 30 years. Our internal control procedures are extremely thorough and enforced as rigorously as in the best financial institutions.

We will provide an independent audit verification of the process from claim, through Tax Office acceptance, to payment, including a detailed statement. The process is transparent to give our clients the assurance they rightly demand of the integrity of the whole process from end to end.

Client’s refunds flow through secure currency accounts with one of the most secure global banks. These secure accounts are separate from Quipsound’s own funds and the Trust established ensures the security of the client’s refunds. Refunds are paid electronically or by cheque at your choice.

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