Quipsound Privacy and Security Policy

We will store and process your information on our computers and in any other way. By 'your information' we mean any information we obtain from you or learn from you in the way you access your account(s). We will use your information to manage your account(s), give you reports, to provide our agreed VAT recovery services and for assessment and analysis purposes to develop and improve our service to you. We will not disclose your information outside our Company except as required by law or to enable us to carry out our agreed VAT recovery services for you. Otherwise we shall keep your information confidential.

We use cookies, i.e. small files that are stored on a user's hard drive, as part of our normal service to enable information about clients and their preferences to be stored and to prevent unauthorised access to a client's account online. However we do not use cookies on client's hard drives to monitor an individuals use of the internet.

Our online service is protected by SSL 128 bit session encryption. This process scrambles information before it is transmitted. This is the highest level of encryption currently available commercially, and will keep your information confidential, provided you use a browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and later versions, Mozilla Firefox 5.0 and later versions or Google Chrome 14 and later. 

We may change this privacy and security policy from time to time and any updates will appear on this website.

This policy is dated 1st January 2012.

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